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New Pretty Things! :iconblakcirclegirl:blakcirclegirl 1 0 Sleepy Kitten :iconblakcirclegirl:blakcirclegirl 4 0 Candied Almonds :iconblakcirclegirl:blakcirclegirl 7 2 Vibrating Glitch Rainbow :iconblakcirclegirl:blakcirclegirl 1 0 Pixelated Glitch :iconblakcirclegirl:blakcirclegirl 3 0 Suicide Awareness Ribbon :iconblakcirclegirl:blakcirclegirl 1 0 Anti-Bullying Blue Ribbon :iconblakcirclegirl:blakcirclegirl 1 0 Palm Tree Sunburst :iconblakcirclegirl:blakcirclegirl 1 0 New Designs And Things! :iconblakcirclegirl:blakcirclegirl 1 0 Glitchin' Flowers :iconblakcirclegirl:blakcirclegirl 2 0 Latest Designs And Goodies :iconblakcirclegirl:blakcirclegirl 1 0 Nervous Clownfish :iconblakcirclegirl:blakcirclegirl 1 0 Glitchin' Flowers :iconblakcirclegirl:blakcirclegirl 1 0 Blue Spiral Fractal :iconblakcirclegirl:blakcirclegirl 2 0 Melted Glitch :iconblakcirclegirl:blakcirclegirl 2 0 We Got Spirits :iconblakcirclegirl:blakcirclegirl 1 0


My God.
You are an angel!
I don't think I've ever
Seen one until now.
How can you be so loving
And kind when it feels like
The world wants to bring you down?
They throw mud at your wings
And toss you around.
You come out clean
And stand your ground.
They scream at you,
But you don't make a sound.
You only shed your
Golden tears when no one is around.
If they only knew
How much they could
Learn from you.
How much you can give.
But they know
No other way to live.
They spew so much hate.
All you do is forgive.
You are so beautiful
Inside and out.
A soul so deep and wide.
There are no words to express
The love I have for this gentleness,
Wrapped in a feathered breast.
My angel.
I have been blessed.
:iconshalimaraorion:ShalimarAOrion 3 2
Drag Me Down... :iconnanomortis:NanoMortis 1,706 0 Tomorrow Is a Better Day :iconnanomortis:NanoMortis 2,415 69
The shortest distance between two hearts.
:iconeremitik:Eremitik 8 24
Sakura and Neko Cosplay Kimono Dress :icondarlingarmy:DarlingArmy 124 9
My Condition
You cannot fall in love from a distance.
It's your mind playing games.
"Resist them!"
My mind exclaims.
Yet my condition worsens.
My friends grow more concerned.
But it feels like fate!
So I toss open the gate!
Let the flood come in.
But my heart doesn't know
How to swim.
It drowns so easily in those
Pools of blue.
Entrapped in shiny nets of gold.
How easily I was caught by you.
A wonder to behold.
I'm so warm when you are near.
My mind cloudy--
Like I'm drunk!
so unclear.
But I drank in those eyes.
That smile.
I sank deeper--
Yet I flew!
I loved you more
Than I knew.
My mind and my heart
Being torn apart.
Yet I reveled in the pain.
Nothing feels like loss,
Only gain.
Even if you love another
My heart will not be tamed.
It keeps crying out
Again & again!
It's gone insane!
I will never be the same!
~Shalimar A. Orion
:iconshalimaraorion:ShalimarAOrion 4 3
Flowers :iconadathequeenofhearts:ADAtheQueenOfHEARTS 178 18
What happened to my friend?
We were becoming close,
Now it seems at an end.
Or a standstill.
Or in reverse.
I'm not sure which is worse.
My friendships with the
Opposite sex are always cursed.
Did I scare you?
Shock you?
Burn you?
Sink you like I was quicksand?
We went from epic talks
To mediocre squawks.
At this point I guess I'll
Take whatever you give.
Maybe I tend to hold on
Too tight.
Without friendship,
Sometimes it's hard to survive.
I try to be as independent
As I can be.
So I don't get hurt by you--
Or me.
 But my lonely,
Foolish heart
Reaches out.
Or maybe they reach with theirs.
We all seem to search for
People who truly care.
Maybe life is just
Too busy and you can fade away.
Something I looked forward to
Has gone astray.
Maybe I'll go back to trying
To live without.
It seems to be my destiny.
But that doesn't stop me
From caring about you.
I just need to care
More about me.
~Shalimar A. Orion
:iconshalimaraorion:ShalimarAOrion 5 2
I'm starting to see
You're not the man for me.
Oh how I wish it could be,
But we're too different
You see.
You're way too crazy and wild.
I've always been softer,
More mild.
Your brain is too young
At times,
And maybe mine is too.
I wish I was ten years younger,
Than maybe I'd be able to keep
Up with you, baby.
Even then I still may not be
The kind of woman you want
Or need.
Maybe if you were ten years older,
You might be more mild,
And I a bit bolder.
Then maybe we'd both be ready
For things like love and family.
Maybe you'd take better care
Of yourself and those around you.
You'd be so happy that I found you.
Some things just aren't meant to be.
If they were,
You'd be here with me.
~Shalimar A. Orion
:iconshalimaraorion:ShalimarAOrion 2 1
Guardian [ Experiment ] :iconkumijo:Kumijo 363 39
Why can't there be two?
Why must there only be one?
I'm a fan of even numbers
Though I've always been an odd one.
Maybe I'm negative sometimes,
But I try to be positive.
To believe that I'll find my equal
One day and we'll multiply,
And never be divided.
~Shalimar A Orion
:iconshalimaraorion:ShalimarAOrion 3 2
Black Stripes :iconkipine:Kipine 2,050 65 ki-tsune :icongaudibuendia:GaudiBuendia 1,487 23 Heartbound :iconjojoesart:JoJoesArt 1,498 60 Free Hugs :iconnanomortis:NanoMortis 2,647 54 Snorlax - Pokemon - Cosplay Pinafore :icondarlingarmy:DarlingArmy 232 18




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Artist | Varied
United States
I love photography...I love all art but there's something about using an old 35mm camera and just enjoying nature and seeing what develops...I plan on using film unless it becomes unavailable...then I will cry. :p I am also beginning to get into drawing and other mediums and dabbling more with digital photography.


I told myself once I got my 3 current shops I’d open another. I decided on ArtsAdd! Going to be a while before I put everything up.…
Sleepy Kitten
Redbubble is having a bit of fun with a 10 day challenge on Instagram.

Find me here:

Use hashtag #redbubble10 to see everyone else's submissions on Instagram.
Vibrating Glitch Rainbow
Having fun again with glitching one of my photos. Created some fun vibrating patterns in bright colors and also in pastels.

You can grab this one here or both in my shops:



...and not enough time/money. 

Last week my friend brought over a newer tower for me. Upgraded my Windows and Photoshop a bit. Still trying to figure a few things out with this new comp. lol Then my printer decides not to print anymore. My friend & I struggled to fix it but no luck. $100 for ink returned twice to get a new printer that has been ordered for half the price that comes with ink. But a refill for that ink? More than what the printer costs. Absurd! But I need the printer for printing labels and such. Printing labels on a printer is cheaper through ebay then through USPS. 

I'm struggling still with no job the past 8 months, so I've put things up on ebay to sell to hopefully help pay some bills. It's under "Ekipsevol14" on ebay if you want to browse.

I am doing other crafty things to put up on ebay like some candle holders. I'm having glue/varnish issues. Amazing that products are sold that have such odd complications. Frustrating. Hopefully getting a different varnish will solve the issue and I can post them for sale. I also have a few other things in the works, like a crocheted baby blanket. Just all this running around fixing things is slowing me way down.

I also have here and my 3 shops to buy things from that all have my designs with various products. Zazzle is the newest, so if there's a design you want on a certain product, just ask & I'll make it for you:*

And honestly money is so tight I shouldn't be spending anything but I already invested in these things and I need to keep pushing to try and find something that works to keep me afloat. Things get scary when it looks like you're going to be homeless in a month. Sigh. 


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